Billing & Usage

Check Billing and Usage

1. Go to the Settings menu located on the side navigation bar on the left.
2. You can find the invoice and usage information under the Billing & Usage tab.

Data Storage

The amount of Data Assets you can upload and store in your account.
Data Assets are counted as below:
  • Image : 1 image = 1 data asset
  • Video : 1 frame = 1 data asset (ex. if you upload 1 video data with 30 frames, 30 data assets will be used)

User Seats

The total number of users you can invite to the account
You get unlimited Labeler Seats for all plans. The number of Admin and Manager Seats is different per plan.

Auto-Label Credits

Auto-Label Credits is a type of digital currency to pay for Suite's AI features. You can use the following AI features.
AI Features
Required Credits
Create a Custom Auto-Label AI
Users can use credits to create a Custom Auto-Labeling AI model (also requires a labeled dataset)
Number of credits used will be different by the characteristics of the dataset (data size, resolution, object class, etc.)
Apply Auto-Labeling
Users can use credits to apply Auto-Labeling on unlabeled data (raw data) to automatically label data. Credits can be used for both the Pre-trained AI and the Custom AI.
1 credit will be used for 1 data asset
You can check your remaining Auto-Label Credits in the Settings > Billing & Usage menu.

Change Plans

1. Click Change Plan located on the top right corner in the Billing & Usage menu.
2. Choose the right plan for you.
3. Once you choose your plan, the invoice will be sent via email. You can then choose to pay by clicking on Pay this Invoice.
4. Payment should be completed within 30 days after the invoice was sent. The invoice that was sent to your email can be also found in the Settings > Billing & Usage menu.
Any other questions? E-mail us at [email protected].