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How can I sign up?

Go to the Superb AI website ( and create a free account.

1. Enter your work email address.

  • Enter your email address with your company's email domain, and select Continue. You cannot use your personal email address.
  • You cannot create multiple accounts with the same email address.

2. Check your email (the email you entered on the previous screen) to activate your account.

3. Enter more details to complete the sign up process.

  • Name
    • Enter your first and last name. Do not use the company name or account ID. You will use this name on your work in Suite.
    • You can edit your name later.
  • Password
    • For security, set up your password with at least 8 characters including at least.
      • 1 upper case letter
      • 1 lower case letter
      • 1 numeric digit
  • Company name
  • Team name
    • On Suite, Every project is saved under the “team”. Make sure to remember your team name because you will need it to login.
    • You can use lower case letters, numbers, and hyphen symbol.
    • The name must start with a letter. The name must be between 4 to 20 characters.

4. (Optional) Select the sample project to create.

You can choose one of the five sample projects to create. You can try the other four projects on Suite once you complete the signup process.
  • Tiny Set-10
  • Retail
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Agriculture

5. (Optional) Invite Users

  • Enter the email addresses of your intended members and select a user role.
  • If you want to add multiple guests at once, click + and select Send Invitations.
5. Sign Up Complete
Now the easy part. Click on the Start Using Suite button, enter your 1) team name, 2) email and 3) password to get started!
Any other questions? E-mail us at [email protected].
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