What's under my account?

Suite Account Overview

Before we dig in, let's see how your account is structured, so that you can more comfortably navigate various pages and menus within the Superb AI Suite. There are three basic configurations of the Suite : Data, Users, and Projects.

1. Data

If you are reading this, you probably know that our Suite is built for creating, managing and understanding machine learning data. Therefore, data is one of the components that live under your account. Specifically, in the context of our Suite, data refers to the raw data files (i.e. images, videos, text) that will become the building blocks of your ML datasets.
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2. Users

Collaboration is a big part of our Suite. As such, you can invite multiple users to your account and give them one of several roles.
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3. Projects

Projects define how you will create data labels and manage them. When you create a project, you'll first customize its specifications (i.e. types of annotations, list of tags or classes to choose from, etc.). You'll then populate the project by adding your data.
By adding data to a project, you will automatically create a label for each data file. A label is defined as a JSON file that stores all tags and relevant information about the data file it's tied to. For now, just remember, Project + Data ⇒ Label!
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