User Reports

If you have an in-house data labeling team, you can stay on top of your labeling team's efficiency through our User Reports under the Analytics tab. To see the most up-to-date statistics of your labeling team's activity, click on the Generate Full Report button.

Annotation Summary

Here are some of the information you can find In the Annotation Summary table:

  • User name and email

  • Total number of labels each user submitted, as well as the total number of objects and categories contained within these labels

  • Total amount of time each user spent on the labeling tool

  • Total number of objects per each annotation type and object class

Here are some additional actions you can take on the Annotation Summary table.

A. View Past User Reports You can load user reports that were created in the past. Select the user report you'd like to view from the drop-down list. For reports that had custom filters applied, you will also load the same filter settings.

B. Customize User Reports You can customize a user report using several filter options. Click on the Customize button at the top-right, and then select from the list of customizable filter options such as label status, dataset name, label tag and assignee.

C. View Labels Submitted by Each User When you hover your mouse over each row of the Annotation Summary table, a View button will appear. Click on each row to load the list of labels the selected user has submitted.

Label Counts

In the Label Counts chart, you can check the number of labels assigned to each user, and also how these labels are divided in terms of their status (i.e. In Progress, Skipped, Submitted)