Create a Project

How to create a new project

What is a Project?

Projects define how you will create data labels and manage them. When you create a project, you'll first customize its specifications (i.e. the types of annotations to be added to each data, list of tags or classes to choose from, etc.). Then, you'll populate the project by adding data to it.

By adding data to a project, you will automatically create a label for each data file. Simply put, a label is a JSON file that stores all tags and relevant information about the data file it's tied to. Simply put, Project + Data ⇒ Label!

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Where can I create a new project?

On the Account page > Project List tab, you will find a "+ New Project" button above the project list table. Click on this to start creating a new project (Only available for user roles with project creation access).

Once you are inside a project (on the Project page), you can also open the dropdown menu at the top-left (where it shows the current project's name) and click on the New Project button to start creating a new project.

How can I create a new project?

Creating a new project is comprised of three parts:

1. Project Type — select the type of data and annotations you want to create and manage in the project.

2. Label Specs — specify what kind of label you will create and manage in the project. This includes the class list and any additional properties you want to select for each class. You can also set up our Auto-label engine to automate data labeling.

3. Advanced Label Specs — choose additional specifications, such as grouping several classes together into class groups for easier visualization, etc.

How can I duplicate a project?

If you want to create multiple projects with the same configuration, you can use the project duplicate feature. It saves you time in creating new projects from the very beginning.

To duplicate a project, please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” page of the project that you want to duplicate. This page only shows up for “Owner” and “Admin” level users.

  2. Go to the “General” tab and you will find the “Project Configuration” box.

  3. When you click the “Duplicate” button, there will be a pop up asking you to set up the name of the duplicate project.

  4. After setting up the name of the new project, click the “OK” button to create the duplicate project.

  • Please note that the datasets do not get duplicated to the new project.

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