Create a Project Overview

What is a Project?

Projects define how you will create labels and manage them. When you create a project, you will first customize its specifications (i.e. annotation type, tags, object classes, etc.) then populate the project by adding data to it.

By adding data to a project, you will automatically create a label for each data file. A label is defined as a JSON file that stores all tags and relevant information about the data file. Simply put, Project + Data ⇒ Label!

Create a new project

1. Click +New Project on the top right corner of the Projects menu.

2. In the Create Project window that appears, do the following :

  • Enter a project name.

  • Enter a project description. (Optional)

  • Select a data type.

    • Image

    • Image (New) — *You can try our new features such as Manual Validation and Consensus Labeling

    • Video

  • Select annotation types.

    • Box

    • Polyline

    • Polygon Segmentation

    • Keypoint

    • Image Category

  • Project Access (Optional)

    • Toggle on/off to make your project publicly available or private.

3. Image Category

  • You can create an image category and choose the response type (Multiple Selection, Multiple Choice, Free Response) from the first box on the left.

  • You can create category options on the second box.

  • You can create category group on the third box.

4. Object Detection

  • Object Class

    • You can add an object class by clicking the + button (e.g. Car)

  • Class Property (Optional)

    • You can add properties to further define each object class (e.g. Car — Black, White, Red, etc.)

  • Configure Auto-Label

    • You can configure Auto-Label AI by clicking the Configure Auto-Label button on the top right corner blue

  • Class Group (Optional)

    • You can group object classes

Project creation is finished once you click Finish on the bottom left.

You can check the detailed information on each steps from below documentation

Duplicate a project

If you want to create multiple projects with the same configuration, you can use the project duplicate feature. This saves your time in creating new projects from the very beginning.

How to duplicate a project

1. In Project Overview, click the settings icon on the Project Configuration card.

2. Click Duplicate on the top right corner of the Project Configuration card.

3. Enter the new project name and click Ok to finish creating the project.

※ Note : The datasets linked to the previous project do not get duplicated to the new project. You will have to use the Data tab under Account view to assigned a particular dataset to the newly duplicated project.

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