Assign Data to a Project

Assign Data to a Project

On the Data List page, you are able to see a list of datasets that have been uploaded to the account. In order to label them and put them to use, they must be assigned to one or more projects.

There are two ways to assign uploaded data to a project.

1) From Data List Page

  1. First, either select from the list of datasets, or click on a dataset and select from the list of raw data.

  2. Then, click on the Edit Project Assignment button.

  3. When shown a pop-up modal, select from the list of existing projects.

  4. Done! You have successfully assigned data to a project.

2) From Project Settings Page

When you upload directly inside the project Settings page, you are effectively doing two things simultaneously: both uploading data to your account, and assigning them to the project you are currently on.

Filter and Search Data List

While you are on the Data List page, you can use a few filters to customize what you see.

First, click on one of your datasets to see a full breakdown of all data. Then at the top of the page, you can filter data by choosing to view all datasets or a single one, or by whether a dataset is or is not assigned to a particular project.

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