Intro to Data & Dataset

Data and Datasets are the two of the most vital components of the Superb AI Suite, along with Projects, Labels, and Annotations!

Data vs. Dataset

Data is defined as a single piece of raw data such as images, videos, text, etc., whereas a dataset is a group of raw pieces of data, much like files in a folder. This format makes the management of a large amount of data easy to handle.

Where Can I See My Datasets and Data?

Log into your account and click Data List on the navigation bar. You will then see a list of all datasets ever uploaded to your account.

A user may choose to edit the name of the dataset here. Simply click the dataset folder and the full list will appear, allowing you to view the fully visualized data, which projects they are being used for as well as any other supplementary information.

Managing Dataset and Data

There are three actions you can do with your datasets and data: 1) Upload, 2) Assign to a Project, and 3) Delete. For more information on these actions, please follow the related manuals linked below.

Any other questions? E-mail us at [email protected].