Removing Data from Project & Account

Removing Data from a Project

Now you may be wondering, how can I revert project assignment, or in other words, remove data from a particular project? You can do this by deleting the corresponding labels created from the raw data.

To do this, go to the Label List page for the project of your choice, and select the labels that are created from the raw data you'd like to remove. By deleting these labels, you are effectively removing the raw data that created them from the project.

Deleting Data from Your Account

If you want to completely delete the raw data from your account, click on Data List tab at the top of the Account Page upon the initial logging in of your account. Select the data or dataset of your choice, and simply click on the Delete Item button. You may choose to delete individual data in a dataset or delete an entire dataset altogether.

Please note that this step is irreversible — all data you delete will be completely and permanently deleted from your account, and all corresponding labels in all projects will be deleted.

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