Upload Data to Your Account

How to upload data

Upload Data to Your Account

There are a few places where you can upload data. For example, you can upload data to your account by clicking on the Upload Data button under the Data List page. You'll be taken to the page below.

You can also upload data to your account and simultaneously add them to a particular project through the Project Settings page.

By uploading data through the Project Settings page, you can both 1) upload them to your account and 2) assign the data to that project at the same time.

Upload Methods

There are three ways to upload data to an account: 1) by File Upload, and 2) by CSV Upload, and 3) by SDK.

1) File Upload

To upload by file, simply drag-and-drop files from your local computer, choose from the list of datasets on your account (or create a new dataset), and then hit Upload.

2) CSV Upload

To upload by CSV, please first download a CSV template from the upload page. You'll see two columns in the CSV file -- a dataKey and URL. The dataKey field is the file name you would like to use for each raw data, and the URL field is the location where each raw data is stored on the web. Please fill these out accordingly and upload the CSV file.

3) SDK Upload

Please refer to the SDK documentation here:

Selecting Dataset

Once files are selected for upload, you may either choose from a list of existing datasets or create a new dataset before clicking Upload. Please note that datasets uploaded under Data List will not belong to any project in particular, and you must separately select them from the Data List and assign them to a particular project.

If the dataset has already been uploaded to your account and you want to assign it to a project, you can do that in the Data List page.

In order to upload a dataset and simultaneously assign to a project, please go to the project Settings and click on the Upload Data menu.

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