Integration Slack with Suite

By Integrating Slack with Suite, you can receive the notifications of the project as a Slack message.

How to Integrate Slack with Suite

1. Select Project
After selecting a project to integrate Slack, click Next.
2. Incoming Wehbook
*Webhook is a method of providing real-time information to another app when an event occurs in a specific app, and by incoming it, you can send notifications from Suite to Slack.
2-1. Click Connect Slack.
2-2. Log In to Slack.
2-3. Select or Create Slack Workspace.
2-4. Select or create Channel to which the receiving webhook will post messeges.
2-5. Set the details of the integrated message in Integrated app settings at the bottom of the page, and click Save Settings. If you don't change the default settings, you can keep this step.
  • Post On Channel: Messages sent to the receiving webhook are posted here.
  • Webhook URL: A Webhook URL to paste into the Suite. Send the JSON payload to this URL.
  • Descriptive Label(optional): You can use this label to enter additional context for the list of integrated apps (optional).
  • Custom Name: Choose your username when posting by this integrated app.
  • Customize Icons: Change the icon used for messages in this integrated app.
  • Message Preview: Messages from this integrated app look like this in Slack.
2-6. Copy Webhook URL.
2-7. Paste the Webhook URL, and click Save Integration to complete the Integration.
You've completed the Slack Integration! You can now receive the notifications of the project as a Slack message.