Create, Edit, and Delete Annotations

How to Start Annotating

Before you begin annotating data, the first thing to do is opening up a label through the Annotation App. There are two ways you can do this, and although they may lead you to the same page, there is a subtle difference between the two:

Edit Label

Start Labeling

The Start Labeling button is on the right hand side of the navigation bar.

Here's the key difference between these two approaches:

  • When you click on Edit Label button, you will only be presented with modifying the specific label for which you clicked.

  • When you click on Start Labeling, you will be presented with a label that you are assigned to. When you submit a label, you'll then be presented with the next assigned label you have in-line. This allows you to annotate multiple labels in succession.

Now let's move on how to create, edit, and delete the annotations themselves.

Create Annotations

Annotations can be created by entering the Annotation App, selecting the appropriate tools on the left toolbar, and then appropriately marking the images or manipulating object class and properties. Once the annotation is finished, you may click Submit at the bottom right of the screen*. Please refer to our breakdown of the Annotation App interface for more of a step-by-step walkthrough**.

* Note: If you are having a hard time making the annotation or no longer need to annotate an image due to changes in the project, you may skip the data by going to the downward arrow next to Submit on the bottom right of your screen, and then clicking Skip Label.

** Note: Please note if the property section has a required field that has been left unanswered, annotators will not be able to submit the relevant label.

See related manual:

Edit Annotations

You may edit any annotation by clicking on the Select tool at the top of the left toolbar and then selecting the annotation you would like to edit. Please refer to our breakdown of the Work App interface for more details.

Delete Annotations

Select the Delete tool at the left toolbar and then click the annotation you intend to delete. Alternatively, you may use the Select functionality, click on your intended annotation, and press Delete on your keyboard or the Delete button on the Cabinet panel on the right-hand side.

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