Reviewing Annotations

Review Annotations

To review annotations, go to the Label List page and locate the label you would like to view. Once the relevant label is found, hover your mouse over it and then click to open up the Detailed View. Here you will have multiple viewing functionalities available to you.

If you would like to edit annotations directly instead, and not just review them, click Edit Label as a new tab will be opened and you will be sent to the Annotation App.

Toggle Label Information

Once you have the label up on the screen on Detailed View you will be able to zoom in or out. You can also drag the image by holding the space bar and dragging the image in any direction you wish.

You can also toggle annotation information such as by the annotation type, object class, or class group as follows:

1) Hover or click the annotation itself

When you click on an annotation it will change to a darker color and its label information will appear on the bottom right. If you no longer want to view the label-related information then click anywhere else on the screen. All annotations will return to their original colors with the bottom right label information cabinet reverting back to label information on the entire label and not just the one annotation.

2) Clicking the annotation type, object class or class group

To remove a particular annotation type from view (in this case polyline), click Polyline located in the top-right, and all polyline annotations will be hidden. Likewise, the same goes for the class group names. (See the Construction Vehicles checkbox in the above image). Unchecking Construction Vehicles here will have whatever object classes that are under this group disappear from view. To only remove one specific annotation, select the relevant object class under Class List (Worker, Road, etc).


If you need to check the annotations on your local computer, you also have the option of downloading it into a JSON file (located at the bottom-right).

Create Issues

Much similar to the Annotation App's issue feedback screen, any user can use the Detailed View to leave issue-related comments during the Q&A phase by clicking the Issue menu at the top right and clicking anywhere on the image and leaving the desired feedback (the shortcut Cmd + Click also works!).

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