Invite or Delete Users

How to manage users

Invite or Delete Users on Your Account

The inviting of other users to your project is contingent upon your user role on the Superb AI Suite.

Log into your account and click the My Account tab to view Account Members. Once here, you can view all collaborating users under the account name. To invite additional users, simply click Invite Members and enter the email of the invitee and select the user type.

Once you select a project, you may select the Settings tab to view the Project Members. You may click Invite Members here to bring in additional project collaborators. Users can only invite others to roles that are below their own (Admins are exempted from this restriction).

  • Owner of an account can invite all roles to the project. This includes Admins, Managers, and Workers.

  • Admins can invite other Admins, Managers, and Labelers.

  • Managers can invite Managers and Labelers to the project they are involved in.

  • Labelers have no ability to invite other users to the platform.

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Project Invitation Parameters & Privileges

Owner and Admin users have access to all projects, and these users can edit which projects the Manager and Labeler users have access to.

You can give users access to particular projects in the Project Settings > Project Members page.

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