User Roles and Permissions

How to manage users

On our Suite, each user is associated with a role. Because each role has different access permissions, you can easily manage collaboration between users by controlling what each user has access to.

Types of User Roles

Here are the different types of user roles.

Admin / Owner

An Admin is defined as the highest-ranking administrator of the Superb AI Suite account. The admin role has access to almost all functionalities and tools. Only an Admin has permission to create projects and upload, download, and delete data from the relevant project. There can be multiple admins, but only the user that created the account holds the “Owner” role. The scope of an Owner’s role within the Suite is the same as the admin, but with the addition of having exclusive privileges over the Billing portion of the account.


The next user role below the admin is the Manager. A user with this role is given to functionalities relevant to project management. Such functionalities include checking the project status page, inviting other users to the account, assigning labeling tasks to those users, and reviewing annotations.

Labeler (aka. Worker)

This role is for users invited to the account for the sole purpose of labeling data. Such a user once done with their labeling may submit their finished work and get feedback through the Issue Tracking function. A Manager or Admin user can assign new labeling tasks or the Labeler user may also self-assign themselves additional labeling work.

User Permissions According to User Role

Each user role in the Superb AI Suite has its own degree of particular permissions and roles. See below to get acquainted with our user types, and then view our chart below to sift through the specific actions and limitations of each user.

Roles & Permissions Chart

Here is a breakdown of what each user can do.

User Role





My Profile

Plan & Usage


Owner Only

User Management

Invite/Remove Admin

Invite/Remove Manager

Invite/Remove Labeler

Raw Data

Upload/Delete Data (to/from Account)


Create/Delete Project

Add/Remove Data (to/from Project)

Upload Guidelines

Project Overview

Assigned labels only


Assign Labels to Users

Can self-assign

Open, Edit and Submit Labels

Assigned labels only

Export Labels

Delete Labels

Issue Tracking

Create and Respond to Issue Threads

Assigned labels only

Changing the Project's User Role

Within each project, you may change a labeler user to a manager user and vice versa.

  • Click on the Project > Settings > Project Members menu, and click on the ፧ button for a user, and select Change User Role.

  • Select the user role you'd like to apply and click on the Save button.

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