Assigning Labels to Users

Assigning Labels to Users

An Owner, Admin and Manager user can assign labels to other users, for example, to distribute data labeling or reviewing tasks. In this sense, an assignee is a user that is assigned to perform certain tasks on one or more labels.

Owner and Admin users can access all labels across all projects whereas Manager users can view projects and edit labels they are invited to. Labeler users can only view and work on labels that are specifically assigned to them. (See User Roles and Permissions for more information).

To assign labels to users, enter the Label List of your project. Select whichever label(s) you would like to assign and then click the Assign button to the top right of your label list.

Then, select the user you would like to assign the label to. You can also decide to remove an assignee by selecting the No Assignee option.

Self-Assigning Labels

A user may also choose to self-assign themselves more labels through the Annotation App (i.e. when they are finished with all assigned labels). They may click on the right side where it says Assign me a new label, and an unassigned label will automatically be assigned after the Worker who clicks on it.

Please refer to the Annotation App to see a further visualization of this.

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