Creating and Deleting Labels

Creating Labels

After you have created your project you are ready to get started with label creation. To create a label, you will need to first add raw data to your project. Remember that a project is a container where you add raw data and get their corresponding labels. So, when you add raw data to a project, our system will automatically create a label for the added data. Initially, this label will be empty.

1) Creating labels from existing data

Start off by logging into your account and clicking on Data List. If there are any existing data in any of your datasets that need to be brought into your project, you may do so here by clicking on the relevant dataset and clicking Edit Project Assignment and selecting your project name to add all the dataset to that project, automatically creating the labels for your project.

2) Creating labels from new data

If you still need to upload the dataset to the Suite, then click on Upload Data at the top-right of the page. Upload all your data here, give your dataset a name and then click Upload. Done? Not so fast. If you uploaded from here, your dataset is uploaded to your account but you still must assign it to your project. Go back to the Data List page, click Edit Project Assignment and select your dataset to finally transfer it to your project. Click on your project under Project List and you will see the total number of labels reflected from your previous upload.

You may also choose to upload select pieces of raw data from your dataset. In this case, enter your dataset under Data List and click on Edit Project Assignment just like before and select your project.*

*Tip: The same exact label creation process can be done through your Upload new data and assign existing data hyperlinks located on the top-left of your project's *Overview page.

For more information, please refer to the related manuals below:

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Deleting Labels

To delete labels from your project, simply click on Label List in your project and select whichever labels you would like to delete. Click the Delete button at the top right of the list.

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