Export and Download Labels

How to export labels

Download a Single Annotation JSON File

A large portion of a label is the set of annotations (annotation objects, object classes, etc.). This information is stored in a JSON format in what we call an annotation JSON file. Sometimes a user may want to quickly download and see what this annotation file looks like for a particular label.

A user can download the annotation JSON file of each label by first clicking on the label on the Label List page, and then clicking on the Download button. You can find a sample annotation JSON file below.

Download a sample annotation JSON file:

A portion of the sample annotation JSON file contains fields such as the data_key (the raw data filename), and annotation_results (a list of annotations, such as bounding boxes and polygons, as well as their object classes and additional properties).


Export and Download Labels

There is more to a label than just the annotation information. In order to fully utilize a label for training machine learning models, a user must know additional information such as the project configuration and meta-information about the raw data. In order to download all this information along with the annotation files, a user must first request an export so that the Suite system can create a zip file for download.

1) Export selected labels

One way to export and download labels is by selecting the desired labels you would like to export and then clicking on the Export Selected button at the top right of your list.

2) Export filter results

A second way is to apply one or more filters and exporting the entire filter results by clicking on the Export Results button.

3) Export all labels

The third way to export is exporting the entire labels within a project at once. When you don't apply any filter, search, and don't select any individual labels, the export button will say Export All.

Once one of these buttons is clicked, you will be shown the number of labels your export will include and their current work status. Click Export to start. As the file is being prepared for export, users may migrate to and from other pages as the export progresses.

Export Status

Once requested, each export job goes through the following sequence of status: In Queue, Processing, Ready for Download. When the export is ready for download, you'll receive a notification on the Suite.

What's in an Exported Zip File?

For more detailed information on what's inside an exported zip file, please refer to the following user manual:

Related manual:

Export History

Once you request an export, you will also be prompted an option to View Export History, a page that shows the list of export jobs that have been performed throughout the course of the project, by all users. By clicking on past export history, you can apply the same set of filters or search query again, and revisit them on the Label List page.

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