Export User Activity Statistics

It is important to understand the workload of each user in order to effectively operate and manage large-scale annotators. To help with this, the Suite provides statistics on how much each user has contributed to each data labeling project to help project managers with workforce management and billing. The statistics for each user can be exported and checked in the following ways:

The user statistics can be checked in two ways:

  • How to check the user statistics from the label list

  1. Filter the label(s) you want to check by going to the filter function at the top of the Label List page. If no filter is chosen, all labels on the Label List page will automatically be included. (Refer to How to Filter Labels for more information).

  2. Click User Stats on the top right.

  3. By clicking 'Send Email' in the pop-up that appears, the user annotation stats will be sent to you as an excel file (.xlsx) by email.

  4. Go to the inbox of the email address you registered with your account. In the email you will find the excel file as an attachment.

  • How to check the user stats from the Analytics page

  1. From the Analytics > User Analytics page, click the REQUEST USER STATISTICS button. You will be notified when your request is complete.

  2. By clicking the notification, you can check the User Statistics from the User Analytics page.

The attached excel file comprises of the following sheets:

  • Export Info: Includes general information about the export, such as the date and time the file was sent, account information (email address, account name), project name, label count, and any applied filters

  • Label Info: Includes number of annotations contributed by each user. There are separate sheets for each of the label statuses (Submitted/In Progress/Skipped), and another sheet for all labels combined (All Status). Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information on label statuses.