Label Mode Overview

What can you do in the Label Mode?

In Label Mode, you can create and edit annotations. As a reminder, there is a difference between the two terms "Label" and "Annotation" — "Annotation" refers to each of the meta tags such as bounding box and classification tags, whereas "Label" refers to the entire set of all annotations and other meta information that belong to each piece of raw data.
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Starting Label Mode

From the Projects sidebar

Click Labeling on the upper left side of the sidebar to start the Label Mode.

From the Labels table

Place your cursor on a particular label on the Labels table, and the Edit Label will show. Click on this button to start the Label Mode.

From the Review Mode

Clicking on a particular label in the Labels table (anywhere other than the Edit Label button) will start the Review Mode. Click Edit Label at the bottom of the Review Mode screen to start the Label Mode.
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