What is a Label?

What is a Label?

A label is defined as one set of meta-informative in the form of some marker such as a "tag," "class," or "annotation object" over a single piece of raw data such as image or video. (See: What is an Annotation?)

For example, labels for images of house pets might include whether the animal is a dog or a cat, whether the animal is sitting or standing, etc. Remember: a label is not the same as data. Data are organic content such as images, video, text, audio, or more that have no additional content or explanation attached, whereas a label is meta-information that is added to these data.

See an example below. All the annotations, such as the bounding box objects and object classes are constituents of a label.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q) Where can I see the details of each label?

In order to view and modify labels, select a project from the Project List page and click on the Label List tab. Click on the individual label (and not Edit Label button) to see the visualizations of the annotations and other meta-information.

Q) Where can I manage and manipulate labels?

Once you are on the Label List page, you have a few options for manipulating them, such as, 1) assigning them to a particular user, 2) changing their status, 3) exporting them for download, and 4) adding custom label tags.

All functionalities to manage your labels are all located at the top-right of the label list.

Q) A label has a few statuses (in progress, submitted, skipped). What do they mean? When do they change?

  • In progress: Labeling is incomplete and needs to be submitted. A label status is automatically changed to In Progress whenever a user is assigned to it.

  • Submitted: Label status is automatically changed to Submitted when the label is submitted in the Annotation App. Submitting signifies that the annotating of relevant data has been completed.

  • Skipped: Label status is automatically changed to Skipped when the label is skipped in the Annotation App. This means labeling for this piece of data has been skipped. Project parameters may change in the middle of the project, making the labeling of some data unnecessary, or some of the aforementioned data may have been too difficult to label or the guidelines may have been ambiguous.

Q) What is an Assignee?

An assignee is the user that is assigned to annotate one or more label. Any user role can be assigned to a task, and you may view who the assignee of each label on the Label View page.

Q) What is a Label Tag?

A Label Tag is a general, customizable tag that users can attach to each label to leave certain notes that other project stakeholders should take note of. For more information on Label Tags, please take a look at the related manual below:

Related manual:

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