Create a New Issue Thread

How to track issues

Create a New Issue Thread

Issue threads are a way to keep quality check in order between project stakeholders. Any relevant project stakeholder, from data PMs and engineers to labeler users, will be able to start a conversation on any piece of data or label on the Suite. Some reasons to use this feature include:

  • Providing contextual feedback to a specific piece of raw data

  • Organizing separate and specialized feedback from one user to another

First, please note that there are two locations where you can create an issue thread: Detailed View and the Annotation App. For both, the Issue button is located in the top-right of the screen. It will appear as follows:

1) Detailed View

Once you open a selected label on Detailed View and click on the Issue tab, the above layout will appear. You can click anywhere on the screen where a relevant issue is discovered.

Once you leave a comment here, the assignee will receive a notification on the top right of their screen.

2) Annotation App

Similar to Detailed View, once the Issue menu is clicked you will be able to click anywhere on the image and leave feedback on whatever portion of the image that needs fixing or discussion. A dot will appear with a text box like below:

Type your message and then click Post.

Once you leave a comment here, the assignee will receive a bell notification.

Mention a User in an Issue Thread

A user can also use the "@" symbol to mention other users. Enter the @ symbol, followed by the user's name or email address to bring the user's attention to a particular issue thread. The mentioned user will receive a notification about this.

Any other questions? E-mail us at [email protected].