Command Menu

Command Menu

Command Menu is one of the essential features to effectively utilize the Suite. By using the menu, you can search and get easy access to any command or user manual you need just with a few steps.

Opening Command Menu

  • Shortcuts Windows
    • Ctrl + K
    • Mac: Cmd + K
  • Click the search box on the top bar

Using Command Menu

  • you enter a command into the search box, any recommendations, relevant functions and user manual will be displayed. You must enter all commands in English except for when searching for the Korean user manual.
  • You can navigate through the list using arrow keys and press the Enter key to run the command.
  • Search results are grouped by the functionality, and recommendations are based on the current page the user is viewing or frequently used commands.


  • Navigation
    • "Go to Data": Go to “Data” menu
    • "Go to Project Analytics": Go to “Project Analytics” tab
  • Project
    • "Create Project": Create a project
    • "Invite members to project": Invite members to a project
    • "Configure Auto-Label": Configure Auto-Label settings
  • User invite
    • "Invite members": Invite users to the account
  • Search user manual
    • Enter the command name (Korean user manual search available)