Starting Suite
When you log in, you will start from the Projects page and will be introduced to the left navigation bar. From here you can access and manage account details : Projects, Data, Users, Integrations, and Settings. Available menus will be based on your user permissions.

Navigation Bar Overview


You can find the list of projects you own or have access to in the Projects menu. Some projects may not be accessible based on your user permissions.
Click +New Project to create a new project.
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The Data menu is where you manage your raw data (e.g. images, videos). Raw data is managed by folders, and each folder can be treated as a dataset.
When uploading data to your account, you can either add to an existing dataset or create a new one. You can also delete data.
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You can see the list of invited users or invite new users in the Users menu. Account owners and admins can add and manage users from this view.
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The Integrations menu allows users to see the list of services integrated with Suite such as various Cloud service providers.
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Billing & Usage
  • This is where you can see the details of your plan and your Suite usage.
    • Data Storage
    • User seats
    • Auto-label
  • You can also review billing method and invoices.
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  • Access API Key : You can get the Access API Key to access Suite through CLI and SDK.
  • Grant Staff Access : You can toggle to grant account access to Superb AI customer support teams.
My Profile
  • You can change your name and password
  • Note : you cannot change Team Name
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