Account Page

Where is the Account Page?

When you log in, you will be directed to the Account Page, where the Project List Tab will be selected by default.

The Account Page is dedicated to handling all things under your account, such as Projects, Data, and Users. On the top navbar, you will see tabs such as Project List, Data List, and My Account. Depending on your user role, your access to some of these tabs will be limited.

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What can I do on the Account Page?

Project List Tab

Here in the Project List tab, you'll find the list of projects you own or have access to. Depending on your user role, you may have access to all the projects under the account, or only have access to the projects you are authorized to access.

This is also where you can create a new custom project. Click on the plus button to begin.

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Data List Tab

The Data List tab is where you manage your raw data files. As you can tell from the folder-like icons, data is managed in datasets, very similar to the folders on your computer. When you click on each dataset, you will be able to see the list of data inside of it.

When you upload your data to your account, you will select the dataset you want to add them to. You can either add to an existing dataset or create a new one.

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By selecting the data (or dataset) of your choice and clicking the relevant action button, you can perform a few actions on this tab, such as:

  1. add data or entire datasets to a project

  2. delete data or entire datasets from your account

Some of you may be wondering, how can I remove data from a project?

Remember that adding data to a project creates labels that are linked to the data? By deleting labels from a project, you are effectively detaching or removing the linked data from the project. Note that removing data from a project is completely different from deleting them from your account!

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My Account Tab

My Profile

  • This is where you can change your name and password.

  • You cannot change the account name!

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Account Members

  • Here, you manage the users that you've invited to your account.

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Billing & Usage

  • This is where you add your billing method and review invoices. This menu will be available when we launch the publicly accessible paid tiers!

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  • You'll be able to see the details of your plan, change it if necessary, and also check how much you've been using our Suite. - Data storage - User seats - Auto-label


  • Access API Key You can get the Access API Key to access Suite through CLI and SDK.

  • Grant Access You can simply toggle it to the right to grant account access to a Superb AI’s support staff.

Any other questions? E-mail us at [email protected].