Project Page

Where is the Project Page?

When you log in, you will be directed to the Account Page where the Project List Tab will be selected by default.

The Project Page is the control center for each of your projects. This is where you can edit, visualize and manipulate labels, manage who gets access to the project, and run analytics. On the top navbar, you will see tabs such as Overview, Label List, Analytics and Settings. Depending on your user role, your access to some of these tabs will be limited.

What can I do on the Project Page?

Overview Tab

The Overview tab will the be first thing you see when you enter the Project page by clicking on a project from the Project List tab.

It will show a collection of cards, each of which presents useful information and links for managing a data project. For example:

  • To Do — a list of tasks that are commonly done as a part of the project set-up, such as adding data to the project, or inviting other users to it.

  • Useful Links — a list of actions that are commonly performed by our users, such as applying a filter to view labels with open issues.

  • Status — shows the number of labels by status.

  • Member Roles — shows the number of users by role.

  • Guideline — shows guideline documents that are uploaded. If your collaborators need to follow any guidelines or read project specifications, upload them here.

Label List Tab

The Label List tab is packed with features that allow to you control and manipulate your labels. Here's a sample of what you can do:

  • Assign — When you are collaborating with multiple users, you may want to assign someone to annotate a set of data or review the accuracy of annotations. This is one of the features that enable super-efficient collaboration.

  • Filter & Search — When you have thousands or millions of labels, it becomes almost impossible to do anything with them. We've built a powerful filter and search feature that lets you slice and focus on a set of labels that meet a set of conditions.

  • Edit Tags — Do you want to save the filter & search results? Maybe temporarily mark a set of labels and revisit them later? The label tag feature is here for you!

  • Export — When you are ready to bulk download, select the labels you need and export them in the file format of your choice.

When you click on a label in the Label List page, it will load a Label Detail modal view. Here, you can zoom in on a single label in more detail. You can visualize the annotations and manage issue threads that live inside each label. You can also download a single label as a JSON file straight in your browser without any exporting.

Analytics Tab

This tab is for analyzing the dataset as a whole. It lets you create a dashboard with custom statistics, visualize the entire dataset at once, and more! This tab is available for paid plans only.

Export Tab

This tab is used for checking exported labels which you can download as a JSON file once the export process is complete.

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Settings Tab

This is where you control your project. Here's a sample of what you can do:

  • General

    • Edit Project - After you create a project, you can edit the project specification such as the project name, annotation type, object class, auto-label set up, and etc.

    • Project Access - Swipe the toggle to make a project and its dataset private or public.

    • Delete Project - Click the 'DELETE PROJECT' button to delete the project

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  • Project Members - you can control who has access to a project and their roles.

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  • Upload data - you can upload new data straight to a project here. This is equivalent to uploading data to your account, and then adding them to a project.

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